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Easy, unlimited and FREE Performance Appraisal!

Yes, it's true. All USEFLOW customers get a powerful Performance Appraisal tool for FREE that can be used by 100% of your employees, without a limit on feedback cycles.

Create, publish and validate performance appraisals easier, simpler and faster. An intuitive solution-oriented to promote the best experience by appraisers and appraisees, including specific resources for research, in order to listen to employees in a systematic and structured way.


Spread the feedback culture

Plan and execute a feedback calendar across teams and across the company. Identify improvement points and work on the strengths of all your employees. USEFLOW has no limit on users or feedback cycles. Use at will.

Ciclos de Feedback
Segmentação por posições

O poder da Ultra SegmentaçãoThe power of Ultra Segmentation

Target appraisals to the right employee: use USEFLOW's segmentation tool to ensure that an employee's appraisal is targeted to the activity they perform.

Even if an employee assumes different roles in the company, his performance is evaluated based on the position he assumes at different times or projects.

Easy interface for the employee

Increase the adherence of performance appraisals with USEFLOW's easy and intuitive interface.

Our interface is designed to simulate a social networking experience for your users. This makes the performance appraisal process easier, simpler and more dynamic.

Avaliação de desempenho
Matrix 9BOX

9BOX Matrix

Set up a 9BOX matrix for performance assessment in a visual, easy and quick way. Have access to your talents' disposition on the skills board and adjust their positions, whenever necessary.

9BOX helps you cross-reference data from different assessments and is the technical support you need to present the results of a calibration round.

Create an Individual Development Plan

With the results obtained from assessments and feedback, plan actions to leverage and develop talent. The IDP is an easy solution to create and execute. Make the employee development journey more transparent and assertive.

Plano de Desenvolvimento Individual
Pesquisas gamificadas

Find out how collaborators feel

Conduct organizational climate surveys, mood surveys, satisfaction indexes, NPS or create an ombudsman to attend to and listen to your employees. Ultra segment the surveys and store the data in the employee profiles, to be able to segment also by the responses of each one.


Here are 4 reasons why:

Economize até 80% em tecnologia

All resources in one place!

Having many contracted solutions becomes more expensive, requires complex integration and you spend a lot of time managing different environments and contracts. USEFLOW eliminates all that. All resources are in a single, cost effective, more integrated, smarter environment.

Cristalize a cultura da sua empresa

Spread culture to 100% of the collaborators

USEFLOW is mobile first. It means that any employee with a smartphone will be integrated with your internal communication to consume content, participate in activities, receive important notifications, join discussions and give opinions.

Avalie sem custo ou limite de utilização

FREE Performance Appraisal

No more paying for every evaluation. In USEFLOW you will receive for free a powerful tool to evaluate all employees, 1 to 1, peer to peer or 360. Do as many appraisal cycles as you like and re-evaluate whenever you need to without paying anything else for it. Everything included. Feedback. IDP.

Treine seus colaboradores

Simple-to-use Corporate University at no additional cost

Building training - one-off or in the corporate university - has never been so practical, fast, easy and cost effective. We innovate by presenting a unique format for implementing and publishing courses, tracks and isolated activities, in a gamified model, perfect for the use of microlearning.

Award-winning platform by the market and users


We were shortlisted and winners of the Highly Recommended Technology seal at the PR Week Global Awards 2020 in London, the Oscars of Internal Communications. We also won several other awards, however the most important was that  97% of our clients' end users (employees) rate the platform as good or great.

Lee Hecht Harrison