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Transform all your employees into Digital Influencers.

Have you ever wondered why a company that has 1.000 employees shares a post on Facebook but only gets 30 shares, or why a CEO of a company with 500 employees shares a LinkedIn post but only receives 15 likes? Now, you can convert each employee into a digital influencer, engaging with your brand's strategic content and multiplying your digital presence on all the social media platforms, such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram together, with the USEFLOW advocacy module.


Increase your digital presence by up to 3.000%

Employees earn points for interacting with content published by the brand and other strategic content (share a compliment from a customer, for example) and earning points for publishing content indicated by the company on their networks. A real army of influencers using their reach, credibility, and relevance to take their digital presence even further.

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The impact on SEO and your sales

With hundreds of new interactions with the content published on the networks, on your website and on your blog, there is a considerable increase in some variables that impact your SEO, helping your content to appear among the first Google search results and reducing dependence on paid media. 

Reduce dependence on buying media on social media

Without organic reach on the networks, your company is hostage to increasing investments in media to reach your audience. With USEFLOW, your contributions can help reduce this dependency by taking your content much further. With an average of 500 connections per contributor, your content can spread across networks, feed algorithms, and expand your digital presence, positively exploring the reach, relevance, and credibility of your contributors.

Paid media

Disseminate vacancies, news and achievements beyond your internal network.

New vacancies? Activate your collaborators to post it on LinkedIn, New product? How about all your collaborators publishing the launch video on their Instagram accounts? Is your company featured in a newspaper article? Activate your army of influencers and spread the story on all networks. Finished running a diversion and inclusion event? Let’s enable contributors again and make it pop on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Extend your results with the help of the best experts

Lead like Nestlé, Sesi, Senai and other leading brands using the power of Talkative – a unique USEFLOW integration - to create, mobilize and engage your network of influencers. Talkative is a technology company managed by Spark, an award-winning digital influencer agency. Winner of the Caboré award – the maximum recognition of Brazilian advertising – for its expertise in the influencer market.

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A Platform awarded by the market and users


Twice awarded in Brazil and deserving of the highly recommended Technology seal, issued by the PR Week Global Awards 2020, in London - the Oscar for Internal Communication but the most important recognition is having 97.2% positive evaluations by end users (collaborators).