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Now you can rate ALL employees.

An easy performance appraisal tool with no cycle limits on assessments or evaluations.

A powerful performance appraisal tool that can be used by 100% of your employees, with no limit of cycles or evaluations. Ideal to create an evaluating and monitoring culture, that involves all employees, thus, creating shorter recurring cycles.

Create, publish, and validate benchmarks, easier, simpler and faster. An intuitive and oriented solution, to promote the best experience for evaluators and those being evaluated, including specific resources for research, with the objective of listening to collaborators in a systematic and structured way.

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Spread the culture of feedback

Plan and execute a feedback calendar across teams, across the whole company. Identify areas that need improvement and work on the strengths of all your employees. USEFLOW has no user limits or feedback loops. Use without limits..

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Segmentação Avaliação

The power of Ultra Segmentation

Target reviews to the right contributor: Use USEFLOW’s segmentation capabilities to ensure that an employee’s review is targeted to the activity they perform. Even if an employee assumes different roles within the company, his performance is evaluated in terms of the position he assumes at different times or projects.

A user-friendly interface

Increase adherence to performance reviews and ensure participation by employees of all roles and levels with USEFLOW’s easy and intuitive interface. Intuitive and familiar, with a similar look and feel of a social network, the design and usability contribute to a streamlined and enjoyable experience.

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9 Box Grid

Build a 9 Box grid quickly and easily. Get access to the disposition of your talents from the skill board and adjust their positions, inserting justifications wherever necessary. 9 Box helps you cross-reference data from different assessments and has the technological support you need to present the results of a calibration run.

Create an Individual Development Plan

With the results obtained from evaluations and feedback, plan actions to potentialize and develop talents. Make the employee development journey more transparent and assertive.



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Here are 4 reasons to use USEFLOW:

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All resources are in one place
(mobile and cloud)

Having many contracted solutions costs more, requires complex integration and you end up spending a lot of time managing different environments and contracts, in addition, to making it difficult to adhere to multiple environments. USEFLOW puts an end to this. There are several features in a single, more cost-effective, integrated, and smarter environment.

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Communication and activities for 100% of employees

USEFLOW was meticulously developed for greater adhesion and engagement of employees in areas such as the shop floor, store front, logistics, maintenance, and even agricultural businesses, who were previously dependant on analogics and unintelligent means to receive information and relate to the company, making communication difficult.

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Affordable and effective performance appraisal

No more paying for each assessment or cycle. At USEFLOW you have access to a powerful tool to evaluate all employees, one on one, between peers or 360. Do as many evaluation cycles as you want and re-evaluate whenever you need, without additional fees. Create a culture of evaluation, perform them more frequently and include ALL employees.

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Corporate University, simple to use and FREE

Use the full power of micro-learning to create tracks and courses in the USEFLOW timeline or in the Corporate University format, to train and develop employees. Create, publish, manage, and track course and assessment results quickly, simply, and efficiently. Revolutionize training in your company.

Brands that have already revolutionized internal communications with USEFLOW.


A Platform awarded by the market and users


Twice awarded in Brazil and deserving of the highly recommended Technology seal, issued by the PR Week Global Awards 2020, in London - the Oscar for Internal Communication but the most important recognition is having 97.2% positive evaluations by end users (collaborators).