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Internal communication for 100% of your employees.

Mobile and gamified, the only platform developed for greater adhesion and engagement with your entire team, from the storefront to the factory floor. Communication, research, training, and development in a technological revolution.

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Increase your content and activities engagement up to 400%.

Finally, Now your company has a better way to distribute content to 100% of your employees in an intelligent way, using our content feed features, ultra-segmentation, positive incentives and much more.

USEFLOW is gamified, easy to use, quick to implement and has the best value for money on the market.

A single application, a single environment, a single database, and dozens of features.

Intranet icon-1Intranet 4.0

A modern and dynamic intranet, with the look and feel of a social network.

Library IconUSEFLIX

A library with hundreds of HR content in text and image format.

Design iconSocial Network Design

Social network usability and design, for ease of use and engagement.

Segmentação IconUltra-segmentation

Content and activities, delivered only to the right employees.

Bilblioteca IconFile Library

The important files and documents shared with the team.

Quizz IconQuick Polls

Create polls with a few clicks and follow the results in real time.

Gamificação icon-1Gamified Platform

Points, medals and ranking to generate adhesion and engagement.

Ciclo IconCyclic Activities

Automate recurring activities by creating scheduled cycles.

Condicionante IconConditioned Actions

Performing an action releases a new action, or post, for the employee.

Checkin IconCheck In Activities

Encourage visits, participation in events and face-to-face activities.

Filtros iconSmart Filters

Convert poll and survey results into segmentation and groups.

Treinamento iconCourses and Training

Use microlearning in text, image, video, and assessments, in a simple way.

Onboarding iconAutomatized onboarding

Create automated and efficient on-boarding trails.

Fale Conosco iconContact us

Facilitated communication channel between employees and the company.

Trilhas IconTrails 

Introduce and train new processes and techniques in an agile way.

Forum IconDiscussion Forum

Stimulate the circulation of knowledge and constructive debate.

Push IconProgrammable Push

Send and schedule custom pushes to increase engagement.

Perfil iconUser Profile

Easy access to all user data and information.

Automação IconAutomations

Schedule and automate strategic activities to save time.

Integração iconSimplified Integration

Make USEFLOW the focal point of information and services for HR.

Mobile cloud iconMobile e desktop

Access USEFLOW from anywhere, on mobile or computer.

Relatórios iconIntegrated Data

All data in one place to make People Analytics easy.

API iconDocumented API

Integrate USEFLOW with your ERP, time attendance and other systems.

Historico iconHistory and Reports

Exportable reports, activity history and engagement.

More Coverage.
More Engagement.
More Efficiency.

A very special offer

Courses, trails and training modules are entirely free.

The only platform on the market with a complete training module, including corporate university at no extra cost. Create, publish, and manage courses quickly and easily. Automate assessments and delivery custom certificates. Drive buy-in and participation with automatic pushes. Explore the concept of micro-learning and revolutionize your training area at NO EXTRA COST.

More intelligence and lowers costs involved

Performance appraisal module with fixed cost.

Conduct leadership, peer, and self-assessments in this optional module. Calibrate 9box, create and provide feedback and implement IDP simply and quickly. All this at no unit cost per assessment. Use as many as you want and as often as the company needs.

Avaliação de desempenho-1
Exclusive Feature on USEFLOW

Influencer marketing module for employees.

Convert your employees into brand ambassadors on social media and expand the reach, relevance, and credibility of your digital communication. Advertise promotions, new products, marketing campaigns, vacancies and give visibility to the strategic publications on the web. Reward the most engaged and increase your results on networks by more than 3000%. Module powered by Talkative / Spark, the most awarded influencer marketing agent in Brazil.

Brands that have already revolutionized internal communications with USEFLOW.



Request a demo of the best-rates internal communications technology of the market.

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97 Ingles

A Platform awarded by the market and users


Twice awarded in Brazil and deserving of the highly recommended Technology seal, issued by the PR Week Global Awards 2020, in London - the Oscar for Internal Communication but the most important recognition is having 97.2% positive evaluations by end users (collaborators).


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate USEFLOW with my current systems?

Yes you can. USEFLOW is integrable with virtually all solutions via API or Web view. Our technical team is ready to assess your individual needs and create an integration model for this.

Does it only work in my mobile phone?

No. USEFLOW has an APP for installations on all employees’ cell phones, but it also has a web app version, which can be accessed from any computer using a web browser.

Do I need to buy all the modules or can I just buy what I need?

You determine which modules you would like to make use of in USEFLOW and our proposal is calculated based on your company's needs.

Can I demo USEFLOW?

Yes you can. We have created a special demo environment where you and other members of your team can experience the USEFLOW interface and features. Book a demo at your earliest convenience.

What if I can't produce content?

USEFLOW customers have a free PREMIUM license from USEFLIX, the largest content bank for internal communication in Portuguese. There you will find texts, graphic arts, images, quizzes, polls and other content that you can use to design the platform.

Do I have to learn to use the platform independently?

In any situation, our Consumer Success team will assist you by sharing tips, ideas and the best practices, helping you to explore the full potential of USEFLOW

But I already have an LMS, will I have to replace it?

It's your decision. Some of our customers use USEFLOW as a corporate university and other’s continue using their previous technologies, for the more in-depth courses (such as SCORM for example). Use the USEFLOW tracks and courses for smaller courses in micro-learning. The purpose of the learning area using our technology is to allow faster, more dynamic courses, easier to create and apply, perfect for those trainings that do not deserve complex and long courses and would not work in a simple video or text.

Can I use the platform to engage employees in wellness programs?

Yes, definitely. You can create a whole library of content, on ergonomics, meditation, food and other important topics. It is also possible to provide support material, organize lives, encourage the consumption of podcasts, engage employees in the practice of labor gymnastics and even generate alerts so that they remember to perform such activities, such as and for example, a mandatory break.

Can I only use this with collaborators?

You can use it with anyone, as long as they have previously been authorized to access the community that they should be a part of. This means that, for example, it can give access to outsourced workers, sales representatives and other professionals who are not part of the company's payroll but need to participate in the communication, training, evaluation and other processes.

What is Go with the Flow?

Go with the Flow is a partnership program between USEFLOW and some of our customers, where we delve into the unresolved challenges of our technology, to understand how we can help those customers in the future. Customers help us design our roadmap, give us feedback on platform usage (administrators and end users) and participate in surveys. On this side, we set up a special CS team for the project, followed by research, understanding of the difficult challenges, develop MVPs to solve them and provide first-hand access to the program participants. In addition, we build cases together, which are entered into awards and worked on by our press office.