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From Brazil to the World, helping companies of all sizes and segments.

USEFLOW is a multinational, born in Recife, Pernambuco, where it was born as part of the Porto digital eco system. Founded in February 2020, until today, it has conquered customers, won awards and crossed the Atlantic. Since March 2021 it has been operational in Portugal, where it will serve the European Union market, starting with Spain, Africa and Asia.


People, not machines.

It took a global event to accelerate a process that began a few years ago, with companies of all sizes and industries, finally realizing the need to accelerate their digital transformation programs. It is essential to become more productive, reduce costs and eliminate the risk of errors and failures, increase performance and set foot for the future. And how is this done? Investing in technology?

No. Investing in people.

Technology shouldn’t be the end (note this is being said by a tech company) but a means, a means for an agile, safe and definitive change, where the relationship between companies and their employees can crystalize and amplify the positive experience of employment, propagate the corporate culture, stimulate professional development, create and maintain communication channels and engage employees to took part in this new moment.

However, the whole discourse of digital transformation, diversity, inclusion, quality in the employment experience and in the investment in employee development falls apart when a company can only reach and engage less than 20% of its employees. It is not correct, nor is it fair and it is not sustainable to defend or believe that it is normal to keep so many people isolated from fundamental processes for their safety, better performance and better professional and personal development.

Our goal at USEFLOW is to make this change happen together with YOU. This new beginning becoming real. Reach, involve and engage up to 100% of people. Provide technology created, developed and implemented thinking about them, people, but without forgetting the results. Bringing companies and their employees closer together through high quality features and services, collecting and processing data in an intelligent way, helping you to make the right decisions quickly and safely.

This REVOLUTION starts now.


Our Achievements


Twice awarded in Brazil and deserving of the Highly Recommended Technology Seal issued by the PR Week Global Awards 2020, in London, the Oscar for International Communication but the most important recognition is having 97.2% in positive evaluations by the end users (collaborators).

Are you ready to start this REVOLUTION in your internal communication?